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Teaching and practicing compassionate
mental health care.


We are blessed to have a part time Children's First Therapist at Lowry Elementary. Our school is tremendously diverse with students living in upper and upper middle class while also having the largest homeless community for an elementary school. In order for our school to do the best we can do to serve our students educationally, we need to ensure that their basic needs (which include physical and emotional) needs are met. Our Children's First Therapist is a valuable member of our team to help ensure these needs are met. From our partnership with Children's First, we have noticed tremendous growth in our students demonstrating feelings of emotional safety and security, which allows us to better help them grow in their learning. Thank you Children's First!

Becky L. Bicha
Principal of Lowry Eagles

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At Maria Droste Counseling Center, we help individuals and families overcome obstacles, heal from emotional trauma and distress, and achieve personal growth and satisfaction in their lives. In addition to therapy for individuals and children, we offer marriage counseling, family therapy, addiction counseling, grief counseling, and stress management.

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