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Matthew Wise, PsyD

Matthew Wise, PsyD

+Licensed Psychologist

During my 12 years in practice, I’ve used whatever information a person gives me to help them lead the life they want for themselves.  Of course, I want to hear the story of what brought them in, but just as important is how they tell that story - how they look, sound and act.  By listening to that story and seeing how telling it affects them and then by connecting with my patients through what I’ve learned, I can provide valuable feedback as to how they miss opportunities to thrive in their lives.  We all have these blind spots and one of my responsibilities as a therapist is to help my patients become aware of them and provide ways of seeing - in real time - what they previously could not.

Whether a patient is suffering from anxiety, depression, difficult life events and transitions, marital problems or combinations of all of these, I offer a safe place to examine his or her feelings about them and give them strategies to work through these challenges.  Mostly, though, it is the connection I establish with my patients that has the greatest power to drive growth.  This can take a bit of time but when that connection occurs between me and my patients through honest communication in both directions, often the patient will find within themselves the answers they seek and the courage to put what they’ve uncovered into practice.  That is always my greatest hope for any therapeutic relationship.

A suggestion or two may occur to me along the way and I won’t be shy about sharing them but ultimately I want the work to be as collaborative as possible - understanding of course that people have come to me for help and want it as quickly as possible. To that end, I will always follow the patient’s agenda when they arrive and if something is bothering them that day then that’s what we’re going to talk about.  Luckily for me and my patients, the important “stuff” tends to pop up again and again so we’ll have several chances to address it. Every session is an opportunity for growth and I take that opportunity very seriously.  I never know when my patient and I might unlock something that frees her up to go after something she wants or end something she doesn’t. Those moments between me and my patients can be, and usually are, tough to come by but they are also well worth both of our efforts.


+Adolescents (Junior High or High School age)
+Young Adults (18-24)

+Individual Therapy
+Couples Therapy
+Clinical Supervision

+Bipolar Disorder
+Care Giver Issues
+Career/Workplace Counseling
+Couples Counseling
+LGBTQ Related
+Life Transitional Issues
+Marriage Counseling
+Men's Issues
+Spiritual/Personal Growth

+Relational Psychotherapy
+Solution Focused and Brief Therapy

School: George Washington University
Year Graduated: 2002
Degree: PsyD

School: Colgate University
Year Graduated: 1992
Degree: BA, History

303-756-9052 x137
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Matthew Wise, PsyD

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