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Andrea Liner, PsyD

Andrea Liner, PsyD

+PsyD Licensed Clinical Psychologist

As a predominately psychodynamically trained therapist, I believe that our early life experiences shape the way we understand ourselves and interact with those around us, often resulting in patterns in our relationships. In our work together, I aim to help you identify and become more mindful of the origins of your problematic thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Understanding these origins is imperative to be able to recognize patterns, make conscious changes, and to treat oneself with more patience and compassion. Because everyone is unique, I customize my work to fit each individual’s needs, integrating various treatment modalities when appropriate. I am always transparent about my treatment plans and want you to be an integral part of that planning process. My goal is to not only help with symptom-relief and problem-solving, but also to assist in discovering a deeper understanding of self and how underlying perspectives, assumptions, and automatic thoughts contributed to the problem in the first place. By doing so, I hope that my clients not only experience relief from their immediate concern, but that they will also develop the ability to better handle other related or future situations.

+Young Adults [18-24]

+Individual Therapy
+Clinical Supervision

+LGBTQ Related
+Life Transitional Issues
+Relationship Problems
+Self Esteem
+Spiritual/Personal Growth
+Stress Management
+Trust Issues
+Women's Issues

+Solution Focused and Brief


School: The George Washington State University
Year Graduated: 2015
Degree: PsyD




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Andrea Liner, PsyD

A Unique Model for Giving Back: The Therapist Group has an enduring commitment to providing outstanding counseling services to uninsured families and individuals. We do this by partnering with Maria Droste Services of Colorado, a not-for-profit whose mission is to provide quality mental health care to all Denver-area residents. Each year, The Therapist Group trains and supervises more than 20 graduate level therapists from 6 universities throughout Colorado.