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Laura J. Pentoney M.A. LPC

Laura J. Pentoney M.A. LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

For the past 17 years, my work has been dedicated to helping people heal and grow from issues related to the past so that they can live richer and more fulfilling lives in the present.  I have worked with men and women, from late teens into adulthood, on their journeys of growth and self-discovery. My expertise is in helping adults heal from childhood wounds that manifest in the present as feelings of depression, anxiety and anger, eating disorders, lack of self-worth/self-esteem, trust issues and/or difficulties in relationship. These childhood wounds often result from neglect and chronic criticism, as well as physical, emotional and sexual abuse.  Children, who go through these types of experiences, will often internalize negative self-beliefs, such as I am worthless, I don’t deserve, and I’m not good enough.  These negative self-beliefs then begin to inform how one lives in the present in terms of intimate relationships, friends, career advancement, and other important life choices.

The process of psychotherapy is a method that can lead to the healing of painful childhood experiences.  It is a collaborative process that begins with identifying one’s goals or wants.  Then, it becomes a process of discovering and understanding the underlying dynamics and negative self-beliefs that contribute to present day problems. My therapeutic style is gentle, interactive and compassionate, and I often tell my clients that part of my role with them is to walk along side and help them “see and experience” things about themselves that they might not have seen or experienced  before.  I also offer EMDR and will often integrate this method into the more traditional “talk therapy”.  My therapeutic orientation is primarily informed by psychodynamic, relational, attachment, person centered and trauma theories, and I have been trained in EMDR (Level II) since 2002. I am licensed in the state of Colorado as a Licensed Professional Counselor. I also offer bilingual services (Spanish).

Women+ Men+ Older Adolescents (16-18)

Individual Psychotherapy+ EMDR+ Bilingual counseling - Spanish+ Professional Consultation/Supervision

Self-worth/Self-esteem issues+ Childhood abuse+ Depression+ Eating Disorders+ Domestic Violence+ Anxiety+ PTSD, Stress Management+ Personal Growth+ Emotional Intelligence

Psychodynamic+ Person Centered (Rogerian)+ Trauma Theory+ EMDR+ Attachment Theory

English+ Spanish

School: University of Colorado at Denver+ Year Graduated: 1994+ Degree: M.A. Counseling Psychology

School: Denver University+ Year Graduated: 1983+ Degree: B.S. Psychology


Cigna+ Wellpoint+ Value Options+ Mines and Associates

303-756-9052 x125

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Laura J. Pentoney M.A. LPC

A Unique Model for Giving Back: The Therapist Group has an enduring commitment to providing outstanding counseling services to uninsured families and individuals. We do this by partnering with Maria Droste Services of Colorado, a not-for-profit whose mission is to provide quality mental health care to all Denver-area residents. Each year, The Therapist Group trains and supervises more than 20 graduate level therapists from 6 universities throughout Colorado.