Excellence in Psychotherapy & Personal Growth

The Therapist Group is a collection of over 25 individual therapists from many disciplines, with many areas of expertise, together under one roof, to provide you with the absolute best in psychotherapy and care.


Clare Carr, LPC, CAC II
303-756-9052 x115 or 719-633-0655
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Claudia Crosse-Wynn, LPC, CACII
303-867-9052 x116
Dawn Goers, MA, LPC
303-756-9052 x124
Dawnelle Tilden, MA, LPC, LAC
303-756-9052 x114
Jeanne Kiddney, MEd, LPC
303-756-9052 x134
Joel Silverman, MA, LPC
303-756-9052 x158
Karin Bustamante, MA, LPC
Kate Arellano, LMFT, LPC
303-756-9052 x182
Kim Stromgren, MA
303-756-9052 x119
Laura J. Pentoney M.A. LPC
303-756-9052 x125
Lauren Hall, MA, LPC, NCC
303-756-9052 x133
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Linda E. McKinzie, LCSW
, , ,
Lori Scheffler, M.A. LPC LAC
Lorrie Schroffel, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
303- 867-4621
Marta Oko-Riebau, MA, LPC
, , , ,
Matthew Wise, PsyD
303-756-9052 x137
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Michael Webb, MA, LPC
Peter Conti, LCSW, MSW, CAC III
303-756-9052 x106
Sandra T. Mann, PsyD
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A Unique Model for Giving Back: The Therapist Group has an enduring commitment to providing outstanding counseling services to uninsured families and individuals. We do this by partnering with Maria Droste Services of Colorado, a not-for-profit whose mission is to provide quality mental health care to all Denver-area residents. Each year, The Therapist Group trains and supervises more than 20 graduate level therapists from 6 universities throughout Colorado.